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The Web Development Team

Written by Netphiles Friday, 26 April 2013 11:27

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What are the two expertise required in creating websites in a developer? Every student somehow thinks they have some knowledge of creating and setting up a website using tools like Adobe Dreamweaver, or HTML language for coding. However, web design requires expertise of two critical developers:

1. Web Graphic Designer for the front end graphic and aesthetics on the website, wire framing the website to get the feel of what the website front page will look like with appropriate color scheme for background, navigation, call to action buttons, and custom images. Graphic designers use Photoshop and Illustrator to create custom images that are unique to the business.

2. Web Application Developer builds the essential coding on the back-end of the website using the technical language such as PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL and various scripting for certain areas of the website. The developer understands the requirement of the website's database and what output is generated, is there online form with various fields? Integrating e-commerce with online payment? Membership database? Before venturing into a new website, do keep in mind that a good website will have two critical developers for your project and therefore initial investment will go a long way to produce result oriented website on both front end and back end.



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